Taurus – Emotional – Crown: I AM GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE

AM: we begin the emotional week of Taurus, and with themes that you probably find more pleasant, that seem less profound, but that are important, like all the others.

Me: some topics may be easier to understand than others. The same thing happens to me with the talks. But that doesn’t make them any less relevant. I put everyone on the same level. Sometimes it can be more difficult for me to integrate, interpret and understand them, but the good thing about trying to keep the balance is that they are all important to work on them in our inner being.

AM: and today we start with the concept of home. The place where you live today, do you consider it your home?

Me: mmm… yes, it is a home that I consider temporary.

AM: and why?

Me: because Adriana and I are not convinced that the place where we live is our home. It is for our children, but we don’t feel that it is totally our home. We were able to buy the house where we live just a couple of years after we got married, and in a very nice neighborhood in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, which makes me feel comfortable and good. We also modified the house a few years ago to make it more to our taste and comfort, so everything made it look like it would be our home.

AM: so?

Me: I understand that we know it is our home, but as I say, temporary, because once the children are independent, our interest is to be able to move out of Buenos Aires and live in a place that is not a megalopolis, where it is not necessary to live at a mile a minute, and in a smaller house, with what is necessary to be comfortable and to our liking, but not in a place that today we consider too big.

AM: I mean, you chose the house, you bought it, you moved in, then you modified it to your own taste, your children lived there all their lives, they generated memories, and they feel it as their home, but for you it is not so.

Me: It is not. I think it has more to do with how frustrating it can be to live in such a big city, so predatory of good manners, with a lot of madness everywhere, of most people, and the basis of the politics of a country where normality seen from economically stable countries, and with rules that are more or less well enforced, the opposite is true. And it tires us a lot. We would like to live in a calmer, more stable, not so schizophrenic place.

AM: you never ended up feeling at ease in this city and country.

Me: exactly. I love Argentina and I love Buenos Aires, but it saturates me. Possibly from far away I love it more.

AM: possibly. When you don’t have something or you live far away, that’s when you really appreciate what you had.

Me: surely. But there is also something beyond that. I feel I can have a home anywhere. Just as I have adapted to living in Buenos Aires all my life, I also know that I can live in another city, near or far away, and I would have no problem either.

AM: And what do your loved ones think?

Me: Our children are going with us. The rest of the family accepts it. They are quite tired of the situation in Argentina too, so sometimes it is like an escape for them to think that we can leave here and look for a new place to live.

AM: like everything, there will be positive and negative things about moving to a new place.

Me: sure, there will. But we also know that home is in our core, and that no matter how small or big the house is, what we have, if we are together, our home is there.

AM: it is not in the materiality of this concept, but in the heart of each one of us.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day. 

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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