AM: today’s topic is a lurid one. The law…

Me: mmm… yes, for me it is complicated.

AM: you comply with it, almost fully, because not doing so, means for you to be in fault. You feel bad. And, at the same time, you denigrate it. You do not accept impositions, above all, being aware that certain laws were created for the benefit of a few, and not of all.

Me: a struggle, at least in my mind, that makes me have conflicting feelings about it. I must comply with the law, with the imposed slogans, and with authority. But it takes me out of my center to have to comply with certain precepts because of the fact that it is so, and not being able to feel that I am doing what seems right to me.

AM: obviously we can’t put everything in the same bag. It is necessary to have certain parameters where human beings can move, otherwise everything would be tremendous chaos.

Now, it is also true that there are many precepts that have been established to control the masses in a certain way, in which it is easier to direct them, and avoid them to pronounce negatively towards them, giving them certain benefits in return, which represent that key so that they can stay in power, directing them for as long as possible.

Me: benefits…bah, crumbs. Colored mirrors to entertain them and they can continue to profit from the power they have. The human being is very malleable on that point. They have power and the way to lead the masses, and they tempt their pride to increase that power, to manipulate more those masses, and that taste of being able to manage others at their own will, blinds them.

AM: it makes them unbalanced; it makes them incoherent. It leads them to unconsciousness. And with it, all those who follow him.

Me: and then?

AM: then what?

Me: how to modify it?

AM: as we always speak. Learning to know oneself. To look inside oneself. One’s own essence. To understand that we must empower ourselves in order to be able to look outside. To know what our essence dictates to us. To walk one’s own path, being aware of our own actions, being balanced in our thoughts, offering our creations, manifesting them to be able to share them, receiving the teachings of our surroundings, and basing it on what our own law indicates.

Me. But many times that can clash with the imposed laws.

AM: And why do you think that? It is totally feasible to complement one with the other. That’s what you do all the time. You comply with the imposed laws, but you follow your own law.

Me: that’s true. I cannot stop complying with imposed laws, it is in me to be obedient to that law, and I can question it, but never break it. But it is true that I complement it with what my essence dictates to me. In a way, there is quite a lot of correspondence in many of the existing laws. Starting with hurting another human being. Complying with good customs, with the environment that surrounds me. Also with certain family laws, customs, which sometimes I also question, but that are part of tradition and family, and I accept more as a way to honor my ancestors.

AM: because everything is balance, and therein lies the key to everything: to be able to have a balance between what the outside brings and what you have inside and can contribute to that outside. Always following what your essence says. This way you will be coherent with yourself and with the outside.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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