Capricorn – Mental – Toroid: I AM THE ETERNAL ASCENSION

AM: do you feel like a stable person?

Me: I always focused on trying to be balanced, to live in a stable way. And I have thought about that for my body, for my emotions and for my spirit.

AM: and you feel that the result is good?

Me: I understand that if I look at the general scenario, I understand yes. If I then go to specific situations or moments of my path, it becomes clear to me that I did not always have stability in my body, emotions, or mind.

AM: instability leads to not feeling safe, not feeling at ease or not feeling good about a situation. It can provoke a blow, if we do not have body stability, a violent situation, if we do not have emotional stability, or any other situation that can lead us to a state that can be an additional complication.

Me: Yes, just like that. But it has happened to me that in that instability usually appears the need to look for balance, stability. And I achieve it by crying out to myself, thinking that the best way to get out of that situation is by breathing deeply, concentrating, looking for my center, my essence, and entrusting myself to the Universe, because I understand that whatever has to happen is going to happen, and I have no way to modify it, so I must go through the situation, solve it, take charge, and thus, in this way, it is solved little by little, until all that instability disappears completely.

AM: going through hard moments, focused on being centered, coherent and in balance, makes it possible to reach stability and therefore, to overcome any problem that may arise.

Me: in that moment, in which I feel all the pressure, and the inside of my head seems to swell internally, expand outside of it, and be in a permanent suffocating situation, there is a point in which I tell myself that I must stop that situation and go back to the calm moments, to those sunsets in the places where I have traveled, those slow breaths and the relaxation of my whole body. And I begin to calm down and start to see some solution and manage the moment applying as much wisdom as possible. I appeal to find you and for you to help me find that stability.

AM: and you find me. And I find you. And we get in communion to walk the path towards the way out of that situation, to continue the learning process.

Me: I appeal to it more and more, you know that. And it makes me feel safe.

AM: because by directing us towards the coherence and balance of our essence, it will show us the path to follow, and this will be the best result we can have, just like that.

I invite you all to see Matias’ post with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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