Pisces – Mental – Root: I AM LOVE IN ALL CREATION

AM: new day in the mental energy of Pisces and with it, a new dimension.

Me: the seventh

AM: after reading Matías’ posts and the explanations with his higher self, you go back to the origin and recover what you had understood from them at the time.

Me: yes, understanding both from what I can get from reading the fundamentals of physics, as well as the spiritual meaning of what each dimension represents in my path here and now, in order to incorporate it into my daily life. I think it’s fantastic

AM: is that, as we already talked about, you are in all dimensions at the same time, with the particularity of being in this third one as a life experience.

Me: and this seventh dimension focuses me here and now on the gifts and attributes of my being.

AM: as those of every being. Let’s talk about your gifts and attributes, from your perspective, of course.

Me: I am learning to be able to talk about my gifts and attributes, as I find it uncomfortable in some ways to do so. My Virginian humility attests to this.

AM: never exposing yourself to others.

Me: as I say, I try to do it subtly. I tend to identify gifts in a, very Aquarian way, where I have to break the mold of what it means socially for the rest of the people.

AM: considering that, when the term derives from the Latin word donum, it refers to a talent or an aptitude that a person has, what are those gifts that are supposed to have more relevance for you?

Me: let’s say humility, reasonableness, balance and coherence, judgment, kindness, unconditionality, being helpful.

AM: that being a great athlete, a great musician, an outstanding dancer, in art, a culinary expert, a nature lover, a spiritual being vibrating at a high frequency, does not represent a gift for you.

Me: does not represent the gift I choose to highlight.

AM: but you understand that it is a gift like all the others.

Me: of course, I understand and accept it. But I don’t highlight it.

AM: which means you don’t ponder it like the first ones on your list.

Me: it goes against what I understand is the main thing a human being should have.

AM: and you have those chosen gifts?

Me: I am humble by essence, but according to my interlocutor, I may not be very humble. Obviously, my environment shows me that I do not project what my essence seems to be. Which means I have to work on it, or I perceive something internally that really isn’t so. Sensible I am most of the time. Same with being balanced and consistent. Judicious, always. Kind, I don’t always seem to be. Unconditional, not with everyone. Same with being helpful.

AM: and with the other gifts listed?

Me: great athlete, of course not. Great musician, neither. Outstanding at dancing, only a little. In art, a little less. Culinary expert, not at all. Nature lover, of course. Spiritual being vibrating at high frequency, I don’t fit.

AM: that is, you show and feel like a person who has no special gifts, and that those you can reach are in being a certain way that is what most appeals to you, to differentiate yourself from the rest that you see that have gifts.

Me: I can only agree with what you say, you know that.

AM: but you missed the most important of all the gifts you have.

Me: ….

AM: your greatest gift is that you are yourself. That you show yourself as you are, with all that you carry in your being, and showing your essence as it is. You don’t need to show anything more than what you are for the gifts you have in you to appear.

Me: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

AM: because many times you only seek to compare yourself with others, when in reality that only leads you to confuse yourself with what should or should not be of your essence. And it is not like that. Because each one of us is unique and that will make us different from others, and where each perspective is, as we always say, as important as all the others.

I invite you all to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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