Aries – Emotional – Root: I AM WISDOM IN THE WORLD

AM: have moments of anger appeared in your path?

Me: Let’s see, I understand that it’s all a matter of perspective. Maybe for me it is not, but for others it is. I always talk about inner rage, and not what actually shows outwardly. It may be that someone can act furious at certain times, but you don’t see it that often.

AM: but have you been furious or not?

Me: not to an extreme level. I may have had some outburst of rage, but without being exacerbated. Like Aries, the beginning of something that later gets punctured.

AM: a good way to express it. And in which moments?

Me: mostly of frustration. Maybe some game in which I lost, in some situation that I had expectations and that did not turn out to conclude in the expected way. Also, with certain situations that occur on this planet, that even today produce some internal rage in me because I cannot accept that specific things happen.

AM: like what?

Me: the destruction of the planet. How aggressive human beings are with their environment. What I call «mental stupidity», that is, beings that do not think for themselves. Who live in a cloud of fecal matter, and who cannot, under any possible concept, be themselves.

AM: hard, hard, hard.

Me: sometimes it makes me furious. To be so immersed in a chaotic, destructive world, led by incoherent, unbalanced people, with no conscience in their actions, and who, because they are loquacious, physically beautiful, have a lot of money and show themselves as successful in this material world, not only do not lead but they are energetic vampires of all the poor wretches who give them their own energies for the benefit of themselves, and the others, let them rot.

AM: there is fury in your comment

Me: not anymore. haha! I don’t live it with fury. I live it with sorrow. I feel sorry that there are freeloaders, and I feel sorry that there are so many, so many people asleep and mimicked with this kind of people. Not finding your own way, not trying to know yourself, not finding your essence, and thinking that someone else will be able to get you out of that mess, and blindly following you even when you go to the bathroom, is not coherent.

AM: people who need to find some way to start to get out of their own spiral of unconsciousness.

Me: it reminds me, following yesterday’s topic, of a person who denied me the possibility of presenting my posts in the Arsayan Foundation’s networks, a woman of the hardcore group of Matías followers, who confronted me putting all the worst of her being, in me, and defending her adored and immaculate Matías, before the great snub and betrayal she was doing towards the living god who had done too much in this world to try to emulate him.

AM: it really bothered you.

Me: it bothered me, certainly. But I had my doubts that it could happen in the lead up to starting this path. When it happened to me, I went back to a live one I heard from Matias with a person from Mexico, also with many followers, who had spoken ill of Matias, and therefore they communicated to try to resolve their misunderstandings. In the communication, this person reported the number of grievances he had received from people who were die-hard fans of Matias, who would not tolerate any criticism of him. And this person focused on how it could be that a whole group of very coordinated followers were attacking him. I was struck by what he said, and also by Matias’ response: he did not echo it, although it was very clear to him that he has a group of followers who are his little soldiers, and any slightest comment on his part, makes them go where he wants them to go. It is subtle, but so evident, that it caught my attention at the time, and I experienced it firsthand when they confronted me.

AM: and this closed the doubt you had always had about Matías’ control in many of his followers.

Me: it mixes his personality, his vedetism to be unique and to be in the center and looked at in a dazzling way by everyone, and where any criticism is answered in a sometimes-furious way by himself. Something that also shocked me. Isn’t such a balanced person, developing this path, supposed to be the most coherent and balanced person on this planet? Well, he is not.

AM: and thank the Universe that he is not. He is proving to you that he is as human, wandering, and unique, as all the rest. No more, no less. With his problems, his misunderstandings, his shortcomings, his momentary imbalances, his incoherence, like absolutely everyone who comes to this third dimension to work on his own topics.

Me: I have been discovering it throughout all this time as well. Even the reason for my fury towards that poor person who blindly acts on behalf of Matias, covering him and feeling protective of him. How poor of heart, of spirit, she must be, to have to feel good doing something like that. How can he make her understand that it is better for him to use his time to learn from her, than to follow him in his own follies?

AM: but it’s not up to you to make him understand it. Or, at least, not in the way you tried to do it. In fact, you’ve gone on your way focused on you, not them, and the result has been much more satisfying than having stayed in that rage and acting on it.

Me: Definitely. I managed to let go of everything that bothered me about Matías, about his followers, and that clouded the path I had chosen, and the preponderance that I could not visualize being focused on them. So, I could see how important it was to follow each daily concept, how valuable Matias’ work had been, and how grateful I was for what I had done, because without it, it would not have allowed me to close a process that I had started many years ago, and of which, I found the ideal closure with this path.

AM: and that allowed you to enter this path of balance and coherence of your being, in this path of life.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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