Gemini – Physical – Heart: I AM PRODUCT OF RHYTHM

AM: complicated week

Me: yes, everything is going pretty crooked. Above all, problems at work. There are days that start out complicated, and it turns out that sometimes it continues for a couple of days more all the bad vibes, the problems, and everything slowly gets solved.

AM: and you don’t like it

Me: it is part of my Virginian energy. The methodology does not work as usual, process changes that end up changing the mood. We have to work harder, explain more, and in other times I would have been extremely angry.

AM: today it is not so much.

Me: I don’t get angry. I tend to curl up, but then I try to calm down, look for a solution, and get through the moment. Everything passes, even this.

AM: no doubt. And as you end your day and try to write the next post, it all becomes uphill.

Me: lately I’m leaving writing the post to the last moment, knowing that, if something happens that delays me, I can hardly write it, so something makes me uncomfortable to act this way. I want to comply with writing every day and chat with you, especially in those moments that are complicated for me because of the day I have spent, knowing that this chat relaxes me totally. And it changes my mood and my day.

AM: I’m glad it does because I’m there for it. And what comes to mind when the concept of mitosis comes up?

Me: basically, the possibility of having this body in this third dimension, with my cells working continuously and tirelessly, so that I can do all that I have chosen to come to do on this path.

AM: you have honored your cells and your whole body for allowing you to experience in this third dimension for some time now.

Me: it is so essential, and at the same time, our cells are given so little prominence. It’s like that’s the way things are and no one thinks about the importance of our whole body.

AM: everything is naturalized until it is no longer thought about, no longer conscious and disappears from all thought. And how do you honor your cells?

Me: mainly with good nutrition and exercise. I understand that this is the fundamental basis to help them do their job.

AM: And in the spiritual sense, to be able to continue a legacy based on what you do in this life?

Me: I understand that every human being seeks to leave something so that his footprint marks the path of humanity. Or the path itself. In my case, small actions that lead me to transmit to my descendants, what I think, what I do and what I preach, is a way to leave a footprint.

AM: writing this blog is.

Me: among other things, yes. The poems I write, the drawings I do, the stories I write, are part of everything I feel I can leave so that others can continue.

AM: of course, it is like that.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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