Leo – Physical – Third Eye: I AM THE PATH OF CONCIOUSNESS

AM: what do you see from your perspective?

Me: I see the beauty of our planet Earth, the landscapes that amaze me, both as a whole and as small pictures wherever I am, from the beauty of a plant, a tree, an animal, big or small, a mountain, a rock, the sea, a river, a lake… so many beautiful images that our mother Gaia gives us for us to enjoy.

AM: and you don’t know how fortunate human beings are to be able to enjoy such a miracle in this third dimension!

Me: sometimes I feel that it is so naturalized that many of us don’t even sigh at a sunset or sunrise every day.

AM: you are just so caught up in your illusory priorities that none of these issues are important to you. And what do you see of your surroundings, the other human beings?

Me: I have always stopped at the expression of the people I was looking at. I understand that my choice of Virginian in which, the first action is to give to others, my way of understanding if what I am giving satisfies them is by the expression of their faces.

AM: the human being, from birth, observes in the reactions of others, where to direct his path. From the expression of love of our mother when we see her for the first time, to the anger for doing things we should not do, or when we are older, the faces of disappointment for not meeting the expectations of others, or of happiness for fulfilling them, molds a pattern that our brain will place in the most important places so that we can decide later what we should do and what we should not do, especially for survival.

Me: I understand it and I have worked intensely on it during this last year: I can now separate the expressions of others from my own, I take them as different perspectives, and I incorporate them as the range of possible alternatives that one can have of the same situation, and everything that in other times I concluded when I supposed to see certain faces around me has come down in a conclusive way.

AM: but there is always that which represents you to see where the human being is going as a society.

Me: I find it highly disturbing. I can’t help being a Virginian, I am very critical of myself and others. I tend to understand much faster those people who are totally unconscious and incoherent, because, rationalizing, I understand that obviously they cannot change their way of seeing things because they have not even proposed to start a process of self-knowledge and so on. But I have more difficulty with people who say, first, that they are on the path of personal evolution, or those who, feeling internally evolved, act incoherently with their own being, because they act differently from what they think.

AM: criticism is usually good to the extent that it includes love and understanding of all perspectives, that is, unconditionality. Having said that, and understanding that you still have to keep working on the subject of criticism, since by what the etymology of the word says, it is to discern, and nothing better than being able to discern every single thing that comes up in your life, what you are seeing of human beings and society is nothing more than a reality that you yourself create, and that many of your peers will agree, and many others will not, since they will see your same vision in a totally different and opposite way to yours. And they are as valid as any other.

Me: I understand

AM: And knowing that, the sum of all perspectives, make the WHOLE, the most important thing is to value the perspective that you experience here and now, seeing your reality as you are observing it, and putting the will to evolve on this path of balance and coherence.

I invite you to see the explanation with the concept of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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