Capricorn – Mental – Root: GENERATION

The law of Generation of things in the action of giving birth or giving birth to something new with the sole purpose of replicating itself and returning to the Origin. Under this precept, and focusing on the relationship of man with nature,

Twenty thousand years ago man, wherever he was, was a «forager» and hunter, and his most advanced technique was to join a wandering herd. Ten thousand years ago he had already changed and begun, in certain places, to domesticate some animals and to cultivate certain plants. This, then, is the change from which civilization took off. It is extraordinary to think that it was only in the last twelve thousand years that civilization, as we understand it, began. All this coincided with the last glaciation, at the epilogue of which man suddenly found himself with a fertile land surrounded by animals, a fact that led him to adopt a different lifestyle.

Specialists consider that agriculture has been the basis of all civilizations up to modern capitalism. Under these conditions, mankind can permanently ensure a significant surplus of food for which it depends only on its own work. Moreover, this made it possible for craft techniques to become autonomous, to specialize and to perfect themselves. Society could feed those who did not participate directly in food production. The city could separate itself from the countryside.

With the birth of civilization, development was born. Man could transform and appropriate nature to develop society through agriculture. Social classes were born as a product of the social division of labor and the process of private appropriation around agriculture where livestock, hunting and fishing arose. The establishment of irrigated and fallow agriculture meant an enrichment, a productive transformation of nature and even an «industrial revolution».

Agriculture was the basis for the development of civilizations, but with the introduction of capital, agrarian production contributed to the process of the agricultural revolution in the West, and with great industry, machinery was contributed, the constant basis of capitalist agriculture, which, in turn, determined the formation of the internal market for the development of industrial capital.

Human society is a combined product of natural evolution and social development. Hence it derives its dual nature. Consequently, man’s own activities and especially the productive processes, which constitute the basis of wealth and social progress, must be considered from this perspective of reciprocal dialectical integration of the natural and the social, aspects which simultaneously oppose and identify each other, but in which the social part plays the determining role.

As man depends on nature for his livelihood, he inexorably enters into the complex network that interconnects all the biotic and abiotic elements of the terrestrial ecological system, but with a qualitatively differential property with respect to other animals, in that, because of his social and rational condition, his situation is not passive, but profoundly active.

Man is the only living species with the capacity to consciously transform the world: nature, society and thought. This property can only be conceived by means of an economic, social, political, and cultural organization, superior and qualitatively differentiable from the biological structure. With the advance of science, man found scientific interpretation for many phenomena that were previously attributed to the Divinity or to mysterious superior forces. Thus, the conceptions according to which problems were explained by appealing to myths or magic and were associated with the punishment of the gods and unusual reactions of nature were overcome.

Man is a being in constant generation. Thus, we have evolved and taken a direction on the road where mankind is heading. But the question here is: is this continuous generation of man leading us to our own origin?

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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